Sunday, 6 June 2010

Weekender DJs

Rory McCafferty

My name is Rory McCafferty and I love House Music.  My heart beats at 126bpm.  What can I tell you, the House Music explosion happened to me when I was at a very impressionable age!  Even before then, as a young teenager, while my school friends were being indoctrinated by the machismo and violence of Hip Hop, I was being enchanted by the notion of one House Nation under a groove.  I became fascinated by the music I was hearing on London's pirate radio stations such as LWR, Sunrise and Centerrforce.   As early as 1986, I lived for Jazzy M's hugely influential Jacking Zone show on LWR where I heard producers like Larry Heard, DJ Pierre and Steve Silk Hurley for the first time.

Then in 1988: "Acceeeeeeeiid!"   To be honest with you I do not remember much that happened between 1988 until about 1992!  It was crazy.  However, when the haze started to clear I found myself getting into the music of Ten City, Blaze and the New Jersey sound that WE used to call Garage.  From that period to the present day I was a devotee of the soulful side of House. 

The early days of legalised Kiss FM were fantastic.  Shows by the Zoo Experience, Paul Trouble Anderson and particularly Dean Savonne, who got me into records on labels like NuGroove, Bottom Line, Nervous and Strictly Rhythm, were essential.   It was also around that time I was "adopted" by Alan and Janet Russell, the brains and the beauty (I will let them decide which is which) behind highly-regarded London record label Black Vinyl Records.  Alan encouraged me to write for Echoes Magazine where I was lucky enough to interview idols such as Kerri Chandler, Jocelyn Brown, Joi Cardwell, Dave Lee, Phil Asher and many more.

Through the mid to late nineties we survived the hideous scourge upon dance music that was UK Garage.  I still bear the scars.   But while Masters At Work turned our world on its head, we danced at clubs like Garage City, Fitness Centre, Trouble's House and Soul Movement like loyal foot soldiers.  We had the time of our lives at WMCs in Miami.

Fast forward to 2008, when family circumstances dictated a move away from the big smoke to the land of donkeys and kiss-me-quick hats.  I truly thought my life was over!  Although, of course I would keep downloading tunes, with the lack of any scene to be a part of, it felt like my 20-year marriage to House Music might be heading for divorce.  Had Lancastrians even heard of Soulful House?  For three years I resigned myself to attending northern soul dos in working men's clubs and eating chips smothered with gravy on the way home!

Then in 2011 I stumbled upon a Soulful Dance event at the Langdales.  It totally blew me away.  Here were guys who unquestionably knew their stuff, playing a vast range of quality music of which Soulful House was just a constituent.  Soulful Dance music.  Andy, Pete and Steve were gladiators from the days of the Blackpool Mecca but clearly, for them, the Mecca was just the start of a musical journey which has tread the path of disco, boogie,  jazz,  funk,  rare groove and modern soul.  Listening to their sets is an education to me.  As well as that, the Soulful Dance guys also showed me such kindness, welcoming a soul that had been lost but now was found.  It felt like being "adopted" by a whole new family!

In 2013 I was honoured when they asked me to play at the Soulful Dance weekender.  Although I usually prefer the safety of the dancefloor to the DJ booth, I played some tunes and people seemed to like them. 

The fantastic thing about the Soulful Dance Weekender is that it is an event for really friendly people who love the music.  There are no egos, no pretensions, no playlists and no agendas.   Each year it gets bigger and better.  I know that, I for one, will always support this wonderful musical soiree.

Steve Szekely

I was born and raised in North East London where I grew up listening to pirate radio. I have been collecting soul music for over thirty years where I have built up a massive collection, which includes jazz, funk, disco, soul and rare groove. One of my first influences that I had was the jazz funk scene. First clubs I started going to were the Goldmine, Lyceum, Electric Ballroom, Doo At The Zoo which lead to one of my all time favourite weekenders the Rockly Park. Another inspiration for me was Shake & Fingerpop/Family Function run by Norman Jay. Spent some great Sunday afternoons at Dingwalls where they played some outstanding jazz. Over the passed few years I was given the opportunity to DJ by the legendary Terry Jones at Village Soul (Tuscany) where I got a great review and a write up in Manifesto magazine issue one hundred. Seeing as Tuscany was a success I was invited to DJ on the MK morning show on Starpiont Radio. In addition to this I have played on Soul City and Solar Radio as a special guest. Recently I have had the pleasure of being invited to DJ at the first Trulli Soulful weekender. I am a regular DJ at Back to Black Darlington with DJ Neil Massey in the Inside Out club/ the Grange where we play all things soulful and jazz. Throughout 2010 I have been Djing at True Soul, Camden Town, London on the first Saturday of every month. During 2011 I have DJ'd at The Vintage Festival aboard the Love Boat and you can also catch me on on the first Saturday of every month.

Susan Greenwood

I’m youR wild card!! And at 43 I reckon I’m the baby of the bunch! My Djing experience is a bit limited and I’m not a huge collector; so why on earth am I on the bill? (No, I haven’t paid ‘em!). 
I’ve been attending the Family tree/SD events from the beginning and the boys & girls know I know my tunes! As an enthusiastic(!) dancer (as Julia Lett once commented “that’s an interesting interpretation!”), I’ve always supported the DJs who play more rhythmically challenging music. I especially love my jazz, jazz dance, jazz funk, disco and latin although I also love loads of Soul and soulful dance 60s-present. When you see me with a glazed expression on the dancefloor it’s not because I’m on the vodka & lucozade like the Morecambe girls(!) it’s because I’m literally lost in music. I’m in the zone and it’s pure, uncut music that’s doin’ it! 

My musical journey started in the mid seventies with jazz fusion. My dad had got into Grover Washington, Earl Klugh, David Sanborn, the Brecker Brothers etc. from loving Bob James’ music in Taxi!! My mum would bring us back from church on Sunday and half way up the road you could hear my dad blasting out his beloved fusion!(this was in a quiet village on the west coast of Scotland!!). I loved all my dad’s music but the first record I bought, when I was 8 was “Boogie Wonderland” and I’ve loved disco and EWF ever since. 

We moved to Birmingham when I was 12 and I started going out in the mid 80s (mainstream clubs like Snobs, Faces, Bonkers). It was soul all the way then, from Luther etc. and then into rare groove & jazz funk in the late 80s (not so mainstream : Kipper Club, downstairs at West End bar, The Hummingbird, Sinatras, the Porshe Club). I was also, throughout the 80s, to be found on the doors of live jazz venues (read ‘dodgy backstreet pubs’!) taking the entry fee for my step dad’s jazz quartet!! Then I moved to London in 89 to go to Thames Poly & spent a few years going to house clubs and listening to the likes of Gilles Peterson & Patrick Forge on Kiss FM and getting into latin and African stuff. It was in that era that I first started DJing, at that point introducing loads of drunken students to the joys of Roy Ayers etc. I moved to Huddersfield in ’93 and struggled to find like-minded people and good nights out with the exception of the Camel Club which ran a cracking night called “Across the tracks”. Then in the late 90s I went to a local world music night called “Loose feet” and within a couple of weeks I was Djing at it. (It’s probably the only world music night that used to play George Benson’s “The World is a Ghetto” regularly!)

In the early noughties, it was gigs all the way: Marlena Shaw, Gwen McCrae, Amy Winehouse, JTQ, Maceo Parker, Roy Ayers, the Rebirth, Angie Stone, George Clinton, Gotan project and then I finally went to the Luxury Blackpool Weekender in ‘05 where I met Pete. That first Family Tree Saturday afternoon set remains one of my favourite ever sessions. I also started going to Southport where I worshipped at the temple of Snowboy and the Sunday afternoon session of Simon Mansell & DJ DaCosta.

My Friday night set will be a bit of a mix up with an upbeat selection of fusion, electric swing, latin, soulful house etc. from the late 70s to present. There’s usually something a bit quirky in there but everything will be tinged with jazz and dipped in funk! My Saturday lunchtime session is always a much more laid back affair; something to wake up slowly to.

Ewan Renton

In December 2000 I got my first D.Jing spot at a Soul night at Catterick.At first my D.J.sets were just at local Soul nights & at bars in Darlington.My first real highlight was in November 2001 at my beloved Southport Weekender in the warm-up bar called 'The Sands'.I was to play along side Essex boy Jim 'the syrup'Day for what turned out to be for about 5 hours....only thing was Jim only played for about 30 minutes!! I wasn't complaining though!!! This set was to continue at Southport off & on till about 2006 when the excellent Paul Stuart & Richard Francis were really lifting the roof in the Sands & guests spots were normally taken by guys far greater than me...
Other D.J. appearances have sinced continued around the North East of England & beyond including one of my favourite nights in the British Isles - Suite Soul in Kilmarnock- ran by top Scottish D.J. Bob Jeffries...These nights usually take place every couple of months & D.J's normally include Bob, Terry Jones & my good friend from Chester le Street Colin Johnson....
A D.Jing first came for me in September 2007 when the fantastic Village Soul Italia took place in Tuscany & Colin,Neil Massey & myself were given the chance to play on the Saturday afternoon!!It all turned out to be a very memorable weekender,Wonderfully organised by a great man,TERRY JONES!! Talking of Village Soul, thats where you'll find most of us every couple of months in Sunderland on a Saturday night thoroughly enjoying ourselves.
Currently I play at the Grange in Darlington, which takes place on the last Saturday of the month & on bank holiday Sundays, guests have included Terry Jones, Andy Davies, NE1FM's Andrea Robertson & Deano, not forgetting the other residents in particular Paul Harrison (Harry) who runs the show...Musically we play everything from the 70's onwards (not always the rarest of sounds) but always a terrific atmosphere...
Debs &I first encountered SD at the Lytham academy in June 2007 & have been hooked since....We haven't always made each gig as we would have liked but we're always delighted with the warm welcome we receive each time & when Andy phoned me back in December I was quite shocked to be asked to take part in the first (of hopefully many) weekenders at the Langdales....

David Hulmes

47 years old, I’ve been into soul music since the tender age of 12, firstly Northern Soul, then progressing into Modern Soul at the end of the 70’s.

I first DJ’d at Kingswinford youth club in 1977, and kept progressing with music through to today, where I now play Soulful House/21st Century Soul as I call it. I have previously played at the first three Blackpool Hilton Weekenders and also Prestatyn Weekenders, Morecambe Weekenders and a host of other clubs up and down the country.

My Main influences have been, Richard Searling, Soul Sam, Arthur Fenn, Paul Hargrove, Robin Salter, Bobby & Steve plus lots of other US House DJ’s.

Current sounds that are doin’ it for me are:

1. Avi Elman & Danny J ft Mani Hoffman - Love is Not For Hire - UPZ Mix

2. Nicc Johnson ft LT Brown - Love For Now - Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Remix

3. Filin Brake, Greg Dorban & Eman - Change The World - Guy Robin Remix

4. Lov N It - Appertizing

5. Nicki Richards - Bring The Love - Summer Soul Anthem

Sean Treacy

I am a member of the Seaside Soul Club in Morecambe, Lancashire and do a little DJing on our club nights and also at the North Lancs Soul Festival. I was thrilled to be asked to D J at this first soulful dance weekender and will be playing a real mixture of soulful tunes from the seventies right up to the present day,no northern, I promise.

Glyn Thornhill

Currently 47 years old and been collecting soul / jazz music since the mid 70's period , when I began listening to my brothers Motown and Philly releases of the day on a local radio station in Sheffield.

My first DJ experience was as a teenager in the school Wednesday lunchtime half hour sessions when soul spun alongside reggae.

Began attending soul nites in 1978 with KGB Sheffield and developed from there .The late 70s saw me heavily involved in the early Modern Soul scene attending Alan Senior 's Clifton Hall all niters- this is where I first met Pete Mason - he was part of the Preston Street Dancers ( I know he didn't want to remember that ) ,Wigan Casino,and Stafford Top Of The World respectively., .Not content with just All Nighters I attended many Sunday all dayers including Birmingham Locarno, Derby Assembly Rooms, Nottingham Rock City, Palias,and ManchesterRitz on a regular basis.

1979 / 1980 saw the Modern Soul Scene evolve as a new identity out of the jazz funk circuit Arthur Fenn, Richard Searling , Poke ( Todmorden All Dayers ) were at the forefront at this time.

During this period I was running a small fanzine circulation approx 500/1000 titled : Okeh Northern Soul . This is how I met Richard Searling after uncovering a cover up in the fanzine - after he'd paid a tidy

sum for the 45. From then on I regularly attended his Saturday night radio shows on Radio Hallam ( Sheffield ) where he turned me onto many mid tempo tunes.

I was fortunate enough to DJthe warm up spot at Sheffield Rebels short lived All Niters, and various alldayers under the SAS banner of Richard Searling and Bernie Golding.

I attended many smaller venues when the Scene fragmented after Stafford closed - Snaith , Rock City ( 1982 - 1987 ) , Old Vic Wolverhampton,Canal Tavern ,Thorne ( 1987 / 88 ) , Burnley Bank Hall Miners ( 1982 ) , Sean Gibbons ' Morecambe all niters (83 / 85 ) .

On relocation across the Pennines in 1985 later venues included Trafalgar, The Howard, Manchesters legendary Parkers,Dry Bar, Fuse, Hacienda , and around 30 Southport weekenders from

early Blackpool up to Southport #35. Prestatyn , Cleethorpes weekenders and forays to Scotlands Friday night Kilt ( Motherwell )

In 2002 I was one of the original ' tent ' Djs at Fleetwood Weekenders , and I have since Dj d at The Luxury Soul Weekenders (Blackpool and Birmingham ) playing in The Lounge and northern / rare collectors room as well as a couple of guest collector's spots at Soul Essence in Yarmouth.

I have been very fortunate to witness a vast array of soul artists at weekenders the highlights including Randy Brown,Marlena Shaw,Bunny Sigler,Sam Dees,Rockie Robbins, Keni Burke,Gene Chandler,Ruby Andrews, Glenn Jones and Chapter 8.

The last two years has seen us venture further afield taking in the Bilbao weekenders in Northern Spain .

I'd say my main achievements are having the stabilisers removed from my bike aged five, and being a long suffering Sheffield Wednesday season ticket holder for 33 years. ( We all have our cross to bear... )

In my spots I try to aim for a cross selection pot pourri of tunes to please all styles be it crossover, new jazz , nu soul , funk or modern soul, and aim to air tunes not played in other Dj sets.

The internet has seen a vast increase in availability of music and the last 6 months nice tunes from Tawana Leal, Quentin Moore, Dwele, Kenny Springs, Cj Hilton are the nice type of mid tempo tunes that deserve exposure.

I'm looking forward to DJing for you at the first Soulful Dance Weekender

Here's a list of tunes currently on the decks...


JOSIE JAMES - THE MORE I LOOK AT YOU ( Timo Lassy 's great jazz rework

- Saw him live at Manchester BOTW what a voice !! and previous month saw Five Corners Quintet - concert of the year )

CJ HILTON - MODEST ( Currently unreleased super Baltimore's answer toMarvin Gaye )

RONNIE WALKER - JUST FEEL ( Prev unissued Philly Vince Montana production )




THREE 70s album cuts













Chris Creane

Started listening to various forms of soul music, back in 1983 when I used to receive tapes from my Sister and one of my best mates Fred Howley (R.I.P.). These ranged from new releases to Northern/70's Wigan etc etc. I have always had a passion for all types of soul, jazz and house which is still relevant today.

In 1985 I worked in Newquay and started DJ'ing (not seriously), then moved to Manchester in 1990 and started DJ'ing at various venues including the Dry Bar, and the memorable Bradford All Nighters which I thoroughly enjoyed. This opened the door to many guest spots at Thorne and the bizarre world of Southport Weekender Radio, where I had many shows and plenty of radio room laughs, over a 10 year period!!

There are too many influences to recall but the early days of Thorne and Parkers in Manchester,with DJ's far and wide have all been enjoyable, however, the influence of Glyn Thornhill and Graeme Ellis have been memorable over the years especially for remembering those tracks when I'm usually worst for wear!!

Southport weekender has been going now for 23 years (46 in total) and is still as vivid and vibrant today! Following my long running fascination for this event means that my "artists wish list" list is nearly complete and find it virtually impossible to put anyone in 1st place, although Randy Brown takes some beating!!

I still enjoy the scene today with all the boys and girls @ SD who have taken us on another musical journey and hopefully this weekender will be the start of many more! My aim for this weekend is to give you a great selection of quality tunes from four decades of soul and jazz funk and I've started to pick the tunes already!!!! Look forward to seeing you there. Chris

Sean O'Connor

Hello there !! I’m Sean O’Connor(ockers another 47 year old!!) you can find me presenting a monthly soul show on the popular internet radio station Starpoint Radio . The shows go out on Monday nights between 700pm and 900pm and why not add me as a friend on facebook too. I was very excited to be invited to DJ at this event purely because the three promoters are great friends and people I’ve been heavily influenced by in terms of the music played, the way they go about things, their honesty & integrity and the input they have had on the North West Soul Scene since they persuaded Curtis and Levine that disco funk was the way forward because at that time their fashion sense and poor haircuts would fit in!!. I’ve followed their progress from the popular family tree nights ten years ago at Samlesbury and Ballam and can see where they want to take the music and for me their events are something different, something special and I was delighted to be asked to play some music in September.(can i have that fiver now Epic??)

My background is quite simple as most of us always had a taste for motown I think I can point the first influence to an old Mecca head from Blackpool and fellow student in Liverpool who was a few years older than me Greg Lewis he was always playing northern soul and disco soul/funk back in the early 80s relating tales of the mecca and I think this along with a chance opportunity back in 82 to work on the Central Pier bar one Saturday night and really it all changed for me. The all nighters there were so special and I loved the atmosphere

Back in 85 when I finished my degree in Liverpool I chanced on Richard Searling’s Red Rose shows and it’s been pretty much downhill ever since!!. Djing spots for Shaun Gibbons at Morecambe all nighters in the late 80s and more or less attending most north west dos The Canal Tavern Thorne and The Fleetwood weekenders in the 80s and the togetherness events and I’ve been buying and listening to the music ever since. I’ve had a few guest spots at Blackpool Tower The Orwell Barnoldswick and the White Bull and presented my radio show now for 12 months and thoroughly enjoying the music old and new. I’ve done some guest presenting for Shaun Robbins solar Radio show over the last few years and presented shows with good friends Barry Maleady and Steve Plumb too

I’m also one of the Seaside Soul Club lads along with fellow weekender DJ Sean Treacy and jointly responsible for coordinating the popular North Lancs Soul Festival which will host its fifth event next year and now firmly embedded as one of the weekends of the year on the soul calendar. The Seaside Soul Club in Morecambe has run for 7 years now and again a great little club worth checking out at

This weekender is going to be very special so go on and tell your friends not to miss out on one of the evens of the year!!

My next shows on Starpoint Radio 700pm till 900pm and hopefully i will have a show prepared with fellow DJ’s Sean Milward and Andy Lett

Monday 12th July

Monday 9th August

Monday 23rd August

Here is a flavour of the last two shows

Soulful Reflections Monday 14th June 2010

Ray Slyy Latney Its your day sugar ray 1980 45

Cornell Stone Fairy Tale 2010 CD

Charlie Wilson Music is my life 2010 CD

Anthony Hamilton So in love with you 2010 CD

Carmichael my song 2010 CD

Cardell What does it mean 2010 CD

Emanuel Johnson God is with us 2010 CD

Dramatics A thousand shades of blue 1975 LP

Windy City I got mine 1977 LP

Rance Allen Group God can do the impossible 1980LP

Jesse James I feel your love changing 2010 45

Dynamics Woe is me 1973 LP

Donald Byrd Just my imagination 1975 LP

Jai Black I can’t help it 2010 CD

Los Amigos invisibles Toitica pa ni remix 2010 MP3

Mr President Meet again 2010 45

Roy Ayres and Bah Samba Positive Vibes 2010 45

Dj Day A place to go 2010 MP3

Eddie Jefferson Jeannine 1977 LP

Jack Ashford I’ll fly to your open arms 1975 LP

Cee Lo Green Nothing is shocking anymore 2010 MP3

Eli Paper Boy Reed Come and Get it 2010 CD

Sergio Mendes You and I 2010 CD

Kenny Thomas Baby its you 2010 CD

Jesse James Its time for change 2010 45

Brian Temba Don’t Care 2010 CD

Soulful Reflections 12th April 2010

Starpoint You’re my sunny day Starpoint S/T 1980 LP

Dira get through to you Expansion CD 2010

Cool Million feat Jeniqua Making Love

Raheem De Vaughan I don’t Care

Bill Spoon I can’t wait till the weekend Soul Junction 45

Mike Jemison Call on me Soul Junction 45

Jonathan Butler So strong forthcoming

Drizabone Soul Family Loving You forthcoming

Connor Reeves Joy

CAT Brown Sugar street soul 45

Karen Carpenter My body keeps changing my mind CD 1996

Impressions Love Love Love Fan the fire LP chi sound 1981

Shellie Jacobs I get high on your memory 45 1980

Kimiko Kasai & Herbie Hancock I thought it was you

Soul Continuum Gaia
Reverie In every way
Cool Million feat Rena Scott come 2 Me

Dira Lets go back

Dramatics Live Medley 2002(tribute to Ron Banks) I Cried All The Way Home / Ocean Of Thoughts And Dreams / My Ship Won't Sail Without You / (I'm Going By) The Stars In Your Eyes / And I Panicked / Welcome Back Home / Stop Your Weeping

The Reflections Are you ready here i am

William De Vaughan You can do it

Aretha Franklin April Fools

Eddie Kendricks Date with the rain

Cool Million feat Broomfield Sprinkle

Sean O’Connor July 2010

Pete Mason

‘Write a biography for the website said Andy. ‘Me’ I thought. ‘What I know about soul music you could write on the white of a penny black’. (Perhaps this could be written for my epitaph).

My earliest memories of soul music were in the very early 70’s. My sister is four years older than me and what a difference that makes when you are 12 years old. She was clubbing it locally, and as a consequence would bring home tunes by poplar soul artists on labels such as the customary Motown, Atlantic and Stax labels. However, a friend’s brother (Peter Nutter) was a regular at the torch and the Mecca. This was my first taste of real soul. He would bring back gems for me and my mate to listen to such as The Silhouettes ‘No not me Baby’, The Dramatics ‘Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo’ and ‘Baby Reconsider’ by Leon Haywood. Wow! What an introduction to the world of northern Soul that was, and unbeknown to me, what an effect these early influences were to have on me over the coming decades.

By 1975 I was a regular at the Mecca. This is where I met the Blackpool crowd; Andy Lett (Epic), Steve Naylor and Pete Haigh, and we are still close friends 35yrs later. All of these guys were a fountain of knowledge for a soul crazed fanatic like me, who like themselves, thrived on the new releases which were intermingled with the more traditional Northern tunes. One thing I could never get my head around was the political nonsense between the music policies of the Mecca and Wigan (a storm in a tea cup me thinks). Indeed a Saturday in the Highland Room was not the same without the now legendary last hour. Records to die for like Ujima, Celeste Hardy, Bill Brandon’s’ The Streets got my Lady all classics but also hear the likes of Johnny Hammond, Lee Ritenour, Karma, and all played to an enthusiastic crowd.

After the Mecca closed, many clubs continued to thrive. However, my own insatiable appetite for both Northern and more importantly new, crossover soul and Jazz saw me attending clubs with Bernie Golding and Richard Searling over at Rotheram’s Clifton Halls (this is where I first met Glynn Thornhill and have never been able to disprove it since). Colin Curtis moved on to Cassinellies, and then Rafters. Richard Searling started Sunday nights at Angels in Burnley and Andy Lett organised trips over to Bank Hall Miners, also in Burnley. Neil Rushton was doing great guns at the Ritz and latterly organizing the Blackpool Mecca alldayers. So all was fine……or so we all thought.

The 80’s saw a barren patch for the more forward thinking crowd, and indeed the closure of the Casino and the already closed Mecca was a massive blow to numbers attending venues, many hoping to catch the vibe that had been associated with these great clubs. Unfortunately, many didn’t see the point in clubbing anymore and subsequently left the scene, only returning in more recent years. I can assure you that at this time should there be more than one man and his dog at a gig, you knew you were in for a good night……..not.

Fortunately with the persistence of people like Richard Searling on Red Rose Radio later at Jazz FM and his then regular gig the ‘Halfway House’ things still looked rosy. Further to his credit Richard has played a large part in reviving the Northern scene to its current status, but equally carrying the flag for modern soul and the Y2K’s Throughout 80’s, 90’s and up to date, I visited clubs and weekenders In the early days of Southport, through to Soul Essence, Cleethorpes, Togetherness, and now Prestatyn and soul weekenders in Bilbao and Tuscany and now of course Soulful Dance@, who are paving the way with new soul, dance and jazz tunes of the day.

Last but not least just a few random tunes.

All in no particular order.

‘I’m not ready - Ujima
‘Don’t you worry baby the best is yet to come’- Bessie Banks
‘Fish ain’t bitin’- Lamont Dozier
‘Sweet Love’- Milano Jazz Combo ft Dionne Charles
‘Remember the last time’-The Revelations ft Tre Williams
‘Time of your life’- Tyrone Lee
‘My Day’- David Messah
‘My Dreams came true – Root Soul and Leon King
‘You Baby – Teena Marie
‘I keep running back’ – Serieux
‘Lil wiser – Natalie Williams
‘Cant Wait – Marcell and the Truth
‘The way we are’ – Joy Velarde
‘Daylight’ – Calvin Richardson
‘I don’t want to take a chance’ – Charles Wilson

Finally, you the reader, will easily recognise me if not by the photo or already know me personally will see me with pen in one end and frantically over the weekend still trying to fill in that last bit of white left on that penny black.

Have a great weekend at Soulful Dance@ and come into the modern room for a chat or to listen to some fantastic music by the selected dj’s over the three day event.

Tara for now.

Sean Millward

A Soulful Journey

My introduction to soul dance music was in 1968 when I met the late

DJ Les Cockell (Twisted Wheel, Mecca, Ritz) who was a regular visitor to our house in Settle North Yorkshire. Les’s Passion for soul music was infectious, Les brought his records and played them to us they sounded amazing, the labels also looked fantastic, I was hooked, I became an avid fan of soul music, I became a collector, I used to drive the lady at our local record store mad asking her to source obscure 45’s, she was amazing and found me loads of great tracks. . I then started buying American imports, and every month would buy soul packs, back then if it was not a hundred mile per hour it was thrown and I know some of the records I threw have gone on to become big money records, never mind you can’t turn the clock back. When I was old enough 14, I started going out to the clubs my ears were opened even more, I started going down to Leeds, Bradford, Preston Manchester, lots of trips down south to the cubs down there and when able used to go off with Les to soul nights, Les was very forward thinking and the music we were listening to and dancing to moved on from the 100mph stompers to a mellower more soulful groove tracks like Oscar Perry Main string, The Moments I’ve got the need at places like the Falcon manor , Musically this was one of my fav era’s at this time I was dj’ing at the local youth club, Then started getting odd spots I played early doors at some of Les Cockells legendary party’s we had hundreds of people turn up to these we used to dance in the road We were going up to the north east to nighters at this time, from there I moved into New York disco, Jazz funk, I even had a short period when I was listening to heavy funk, I was also listening to lots of soul radio shows Robbie Vincent, Andy Pebbles, were turning my ears to even newer music, Most of my clubbing was done on weekdays as I had a very successful rugby carer, one of my fav haunts was the Angels at Burnley the Wednesdays nights there were amazing same could not be said for Thursdays at work. I then started listening to Richard Searling on Red rose radio I credit Richard along with Les of having the biggest influence on me musically. Hearing tunes by Luther and Anita Baker reignited further my passion for the music, Going to places like the Pier and the Carlton in Morecambe, I had a period when I was going to northern clubs in the 90’s and just started to get sick of hearing the same old tunes week in week out, at this time I started to get into 70’s crossover and modern soul, in 2006 along with Neil Grainger and Paul Jones we started the White bull in Gisburn which ran for 4 and a half years we had amazing guest dj’s and people travelled from all over UK and beyond to come to hear the music, I have always had a great love of Soul radio shows and the Internet has been just amazing for soul radio shows I have been lucky enough to guest on a number of shows, these are some of shows I have been guest on Eddy Edmondson, Shaun Robbins, Sean O’Connor, A big highlight was to stand in for Andrea Robertson on the Pure soul show in Newcastle.

I have done guest dJ spots at The red Bar Wakefield city soul club, At Newcastle I was a Regular at the Swallow Gateshead and Jesmond, A regular at the Morecambe weekenders, Another highlight was to be asked to play at the EMS weekender in Birmingham. I along with my great friends Les & Corinne Beck run Soul In the Dales at Settle. We have just started a night at Skipton that I am very excited about Absolute Modern soul At the Matrix we have big plans for this very smart venue. I just love soul music and the people that follow it, please come and say hello at the weekender.


B@d Connection - Be Thankful
Ac Soul symphony feat Ricci Benson - Still in Love, (Joey Negro love symphony edit)
Avi Elman & Danny J feat Mani Hoffman - Love is not for hire, (DJN mix)
Dj Spen & Robert Owens - A greater love, (Dj Meme mix)
Mr Nugget feat Natasha watts - Fire, (Jonny Montana mix)
Neil Peirce & Kadija kamara - Relish your soul
Nikki Richards Bring the love
Perspex soul - No giving up
Sakura & Co feat Sharon Brown - Rejoice
Stereo Mutants feat Neve - Turning around, (R Earnshaw mix)

Johnny Walmsley

By the time of the Lytham Weekender at the Langdales is in full swing I’ll be 52. I first started collecting vinyl and going places in about 1975. At this time the music I was buying was in the main new releases or quite recent items with the odd oldie picked up along the way. Be it soul, funk or 60’s it was a fantastic time to be on the scene.

When I look back now I can’t help thinking that we were spoilt by the quantity of now rare and fantastic tracks that were available which could have easily been snapped up, depending on your wages of course.

Back then for me the closest venues for me were, Blackpool Mecca, Wigan Casino and of course the magic Ritz alldayers in Manchester. Does everybody remember those lovely dancing lampshades on the tables at the edge of the dance floor? Also there were various other venues (alldayers) round the country, such as Tiffany's Stoke etc and later on places like Clifton Halls in Rotherham (all-nighter). All the time meeting and still meeting great people along the way. I’m still attending venues and have recently returned from the Whitby Soul Weekender.

These various clubs playing all aspects of black music over the years such as. Soul, 60’s, 70’s, Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Disco, Crossover and now new releases. I’ve collected bits of them all.

Really looking forward to seeing everybody over the weekend at the Langdales in September.

The man in the hat.

Paul Thrower

Ah, the ultimate triple header – beer, food & Soul – it just doesn’t get any better !! I guess that sums up my life for the last 37 years, a Southern boy, who has had the pleasure of being on the ride of a lifetime.

Living right on the South coast, I was first influenced like so many by the sounds of Motown at the local club. However, the resident DJ always played 3, what he called, ‘Northern Soul’ tracks . . . which didn’t make much sense ‘darn sarf’. But I loved them & wanted to hear & know more, & so the addiction began. Blues & Soul was our window on the world & we started reading about all these far-away places like Stoke, Sale, Blackpool, Manchester, Leeds, Bolton who had things called allnighters & on some occasions alldayers, & so it was in 1973 that I went to my first one at the Whitchurch Civic Centre, featuring a certain Soul Sam . . . some things never change !

I was hooked, the atmosphere, the friendly people & of course the music – I can still remember the first record that was playing when I walked in, ‘Dance, dance, dance’ by the Casualeers - & then there were the bags & the badges, what was all that about ? Where were these exotic places ? Where the heck was Wigan ? In the meantime we made a 6 hour train journey to the Leeds Soul Festival in early 1974 & various other smaller events, but the big one was beckoning. I’d sent off for my membership to Wigan & as soon as it arrived I started to plan my journey. While arranging this, another oasis had come to my attention, some place called ‘The Mecca’, or Tiffanies as I was to find out it was called when looking for it, no need to even indicate it was in Blackpool, so it seemed a good idea to make the weekend a double header & do both. Car loaded, cassette packed & off . . . 6 ½ hours later my trusty Mark 1 Escort pulls up in Blackpool & the journey which I was to follow for the next 36 years was just starting, but it almost hit the rocks before going too far as on reaching ‘The Mecca’ I was politely told that ‘you can’t come in without a tie’ !!!! Anyway, needless to say, friendly Soul fans were soon on hand to help & that magical trip up the escalators, past the shields & swords & into the venue soon happened. Wow – Lou Pride, ‘I’m coming home in the morning’ – it took the enamel off my teeth, just awesome. Well ‘The Mecca’ was an amazing experience, but nothing compared to Wigan, & for so many different reasons. 1974 was still fairly early in its history & it hadn’t started the path down to commercialism, so it was just an amazing event. The people, the building, the pushing, the numbers, the toilets, but most of all, the music. I don’t know why I remember the first records I heard at these places but here it was the amazing Dena Barnes, ‘If you ever walked out of my life’, & still an absolute favourite to this day.

Well that was how the Northern side of my musical taste developed & ran monthly, pretty much non-stop for 2 years, but as I said, I’m a Southern lad & we were also enjoying the embryonic jazz funk scene at the same time. There were loads of do’s in London, Columbo’s in Carnaby Street being a particular favourite & then our local event, Dante’s in Bognor Regis featuring Sean French for many years. The jazz funk all dayers then started in 1976 with the Top Rank event at Reading & grew very quickly with further sessions at Purley, The Royalty at Southgate & any number of other gigs all over the South & London – I’d now have to split myself in half !

I’m trying to keep as close to the script as possible, but anyone who has loved this scene knows it’s impossible to compartmentalise everything, but anyway – up to 1981, when let’s call them ‘the lost years’ kicked in – I was lucky enough to visit such places like the Catacombs, Steam Machine, Ritz, Yate, St Ives, & to see acts like the awesome Jackie Wilson & Betty Wright at Wigan, plus any number of other acts in London where I was working – it truly was a sensational time for anyone who enjoyed Soul music.

Around the late 1970’s I was lucky to meet a guy called Randy Cozen’s who became a huge musical influence on me. Randy was one of the most passionate Soul fans I ever met & he introduced me to the slower side of our music & beat ballads. I was amazed that I’d never really listened to this form of music before, but to this day it is probably my favourite genre. Randy was also heavily involved with the set up of the 6ts scene with young Ady Croasdale & initial events were held in London on a Wednesday evening at a club called OBJ’s in Hammersmith before moving to Covent Garden & then West Hampstead. A Soul legend, Randy died of cancer 7 years ago but his memory lives on with the Southgate alldayer - RIP .

So there is what was meant to be a potted history of how I got started in all this wonderful music ! I guess like almost everyone else there were gaps, there were certainly plenty of tears when I had to sell my first collection in 1983 to pay for a new roof on a house I was buying having parted from the wife . !!

To be honest, I didn’t really get fully ‘back on board’ again until the early 1990’s & so missed Stafford all the early Southports & many of the original Caister’s. But you can’t do everything, so that’s why for the last 15 years I’ve been trying hard to catch up. Soul Essence from 1996 has been the real catalyst for me & I’ve not only heard so many fantastic sounds, but I’ve also been able to meet so many wonderful people . . . including Mr Mason ! There is so much choice nowadays, although the number of smaller clubs that used to be the place where new sounds were broken seem to be few & far between. Weekenders grow by the minute, although obviously, very few will be able to touch the initial ‘Soulful dance’ & long may it prosper ! The continental weekender has become a great way to enjoy both the music & the social side of things with Bilbao, Tuscany, Rimini & Brussels leading the way.

I think the scene is pretty strong at the moment & you can find any style of music you like if you look deep enough. My problem is the guy who sets himself up with a couple of CD players & a bag of CDR’s & thinks he’s a DJ. For me it’s about paying your dues & earning your stripes & what a pleasure to be asked to play with some of the nicest people on the Soul scene who HAVE all been there & probably brought at least half a dozen t-shirts over the years – here’s to Soulful Dance 1 !!

Respect, Paul Thrower, 54 . . . who according to his Mum, needs to grow up . . . !

Here are a few choons that mean things for different reasons:

Dena Barnes – If you ever walked out of my life
Christine Cooper – Heartaches away my boy
Tomangoes – I really love you
Sam Williams – Love slipped through my fingers
Jon & the Wierdest – Can’t get over these memories

Jazz Funk:
Lonnie Liston Smith – Expansions
BT Express – Do it ‘til you’re satisfied
Blackbyrds – Do it fluid
Eastside Connection – You’re so right for me
Strutt – Front row romeo

Soul Essence years:
James Phelps – The look on your face
Seville – Show me the way
Rance Allen – Stay with me
Cory Glover – Little girl
Sy Hightower – I know you’re leaving me
Current pant swingers:
Jonathon Butler – So strong
Temptations – Warm summer nights
Ty Causey – Rocket to the moon
Gloria Scott – That’s the way love is
CL Montgomery – We got used to it